Sunday, September 22, 2019

Dear Parents,

Happy last week of September and first days of fall!

Math: We will continue for a couple more weeks to work in this first module of Engage New York working on fluency with addition, numbers to 10, and then work our way into subtraction. The students are learning many different math strategies to solve an equation, and most importantly, learning to use THE MOST EFFICIENT one. Again, daily work at home in Zearn and using flashcards will help your child.

Grammar: We will focus on capitalizing names and using the correct punctuation.

Comprehension: We will focus on cause and effects noticing why and how things happen in a story.

Word Wall Words:    by       did     our

Phonics: We will continue work with short vowel words and learn the reasons why the vowels are short. Your child has learned the vowel song which helps to learn the sounds that all of our vowels make. Ask you child to sing it to you. It about a doggie and how he hurt his paw! We will also begin our Signs for sounds Dictation practice and continue working in Lexia. 

Reading Workshop: Reading Workshop has started and we will continue working in Unit One learning how readers build good habits as well as learning how reading partners work together to build their skills. The students now have their own book bag filled with books at their level from our leveled library. They shop each week for new books to read independently in an area of their choice, building stamina to independently read for longer periods of time. This week, Rio welcomes Momentum in Teaching for more in-depth training on Reading Workshop. We are so excited to hone our craft further as we exapand from Writing Workshop into Reading Workshop.

Writing Workshop: We are working in our narrative unit of Writing  Workshop, writing about a small moment. They have worked through the first stages of writing and now have PICKED A SEED that they want to take all the way through publication. Their unedited drafts and their gathering sheets went home. My hope is that you will work with your child to take one of those drafts and take it to publication at home!  They all LOVE writing and have learned that....WHEN YOU THINK YOU'RE DONE, YOU HAVE JUST BEGUN!

Handwriting: We finished learning how to write all the alphabet letters, capitals and lowercase, the first grade way. Practice at home is very important for those that are still struggling. Thank you in advance for teaming up with us! Handwriting packets will come home this week for those I feel could benefit from them. 

Rotations: Starting soon, each Thursday, all first graders will rotate between the three first grade classes to work in science, social studies, or art. I will be teaching Art and will start with black cats inspired by Théophile Steinlen's French Ad Poster "Tournée du Chat Noir". 

Star of the Week: We will begin next week, September 30th. Please refer to the handout that will come home tomorrow and let me know if you need to make a change. We are so excited to learn about our new classmates! 

Take home folders: Please take time to enjoy looking over your child's work DAILY and help your child remember to bring the empty folder back to school each day.

Important Dates:
Hawaiian Day: Wed, 9/25
Harvest Festival: Fri, 10/11


Spirit Days:
9-25 Hawaiian Day
10-16 Matching Day
11-20 Sports Day
12-18 Ugly Sweater Day
1-29 Pajama Day
2019 Tie Dye Day
3-18 Crazy Hair Day
4-22 Crazy Sock Day
5-13 Wacky Wednesday

Needed Classroom Supplies:
large Ziplock baggies
prize box items (dollar store type)
paper towels

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Dear Parents, Happy last week of September and first days of fall! Math:  We will continue for a couple more weeks to work in this first ...